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[Update] XMLQuire was originally recommended 9 in this answer. It was a free XML editor 8 for Windows with the SketchPath XPath Editor built 7 in for XPath testing.

XMLQuire has not been 6 maintained for a few years and has now been 5 retired.

For XPath experimentation etc. XMLQuire's 4 author now recommends the XPath Notebook extension for 3 Visual Studio Code. Developed by the same 2 author, this now supports XPath 3.1 courtesy 1 of Saxonica's Saxon-JS processor.

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If you're in a web dev environment, Firefox 9 has a number of great tools for XPath support 8 and analysis:

  • Firebug has built-in XPath support
  • XPath Checker I have found to be great

and also maybe of use:

  • XPath Runner
  • FireXPath

Be careful 7 with Firebug - the right-click "copy XPath" command 6 copies the path as all lower-case, and some 5 XML parsers (like the MXSML parser used 4 in FinalBuilder) are case-sensitive - so 3 you'll need to correct the casing of your 2 Firebug-copied XPath statement otherwise 1 your parser won't find any matching nodes.

Score: 6

with this xpath tester you can test standard XPath expressions

You 4 can also save your XPath's and XMLs at any 3 point of time to return to it later or post 2 a link in web or email, which is a really 1 handy feature.

Score: 4

SketchPath is the best tool for XPath that 3 I have used so far. I have used oXygen as 2 well, but prefer SketchPath to oXygen for 1 XPath.

Score: 3

I like XPather, a Firefox plugin. It's simple 4 and easy-to-use and it's not a separate 3 program to run as long as you have Firefox 2 running which is when and where I'm usually 1 using XPath.

Score: 1

I use oXygen for xpath work. It's rather easy 3 to test your expression against xml on file. You 2 set the target xml file once and then it's 1 just a button to click to test your expression.

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