[ACCEPTED]-Setting dropdown height of a combobox in WPF-combobox

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The property MaxDropDownHeight is a dependency property, on 4 the combo box that controls the height of 3 the drop down list. Since it's a dependency 2 property, it's value can be set dynamically.

Have 1 you tried setting this value?

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For me, the issue was that ComboBox dropdown 6 had height of 95 pixels regardles of the 5 amount of items.

My data source for the ComboBox 4 was a Collection<>, but after changing it to ObservableCollection<>, the ComboBox 3 dropdown opens showing all items.

Now also 2 the MaxDropDownHeight property works just fine.

Ref: This 1 comment in here Make the dropdown of a combobox be shorter?

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Set your ComboBox's Style={x:Null} to ensure 2 that you don't have a style issue affecting 1 the drop-down panel size.

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