[ACCEPTED]-Maximum number of drives in windows?-drivers

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  1. DWORD is always 4 bytes, regardless of the 14 system (it's a Win32 type).

  2. The maximum for 13 drive letters in Windows is 26. Because English alphabet 12 has only 26 letters :). However, Windows 11 allows two ways to mount a volume:

    • to a drive letter
    • to a directory (on an NTFS volume). You can mount one volume to multiple locations (but no more than one drive letter, IIRC). A GUI for this task is presented by Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management.

If you 10 want to have more than 26 drives with the 9 additional drives being redirects to already active 8 drives and are okay with them not working 7 properly in most programs, then you can 6 assign more with the following method (be 5 warned they won't even show up in the file 4 explorer):

subst ♪: C:\Temp\
cd /D ♪:\

and to delete them (also they 3 aren't preserved through restarts):

subst /D ♪:

You can 2 enumerate all volumes and their mount points 1 as described in this article.

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You could use WMI. The following WMI query 1 should list all drives:

SELECT * FROM Win32_DiskDrive
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It it not sufficient to enumerate MS-DOS 8 drives (there can be at most 26 of them, by 7 the way, although each can be bound twice, once 6 globally and once locally in your session), a 5 volume can, for example, be mounted to a 4 directory. What you want is probably to 3 enumerate all volumes in the system, using 2 FindFirstVolume et al. Take a look at the associated MSDN 1 example.

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