[ACCEPTED]-How do I get a list of the active IP-addresses, MAC-addresses and NetBIOS names on the LAN?-wsh

Accepted answer
Score: 10

As Daren Thomas said, use nmap.

 nmap -sP

to scan the 3 network 192.168.1.*

 nmap -O

to get the operating 2 system of the user. For more information, read 1 the manpage

 man nmap


Score: 7
arp -a

That gets everything the current machine 3 knows about on the network.

(I'm putting 2 this up there as a second option, since 1 nmap isn't universally installed).

Score: 2

If you're using DHCP then the server will 9 give you a list of all that information.

This 8 website has a good tutorial on using powershell 7 to get networking information http://www.powershellpro.com/powershell-tutorial-introduction/powershell-scripting-with-wmi/

If you neet 6 to get quick list of computer names you 5 can use "net view". Also have 4 a look at nbmac although I'm unsure of it's 3 working status under XP. Another option 2 could be to use nbtstat -a (once you've 1 used net view to list workstations)

Score: 1

In PowerShell you can do something like:

$computers 4 = "server1","server2","server3"

Get-WmiObject 3 Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration -computer 2 $computers -filter "IPEnabled ='true'" | select 1 __Server,IPAddress,MACAddress

Score: 1

In PowerShell:

function Explore-Net($subnet, [int[]]$range){
    $range | % { test-connection "$subnet.$_" -count 1 -erroraction silentlycontinue} | select -Property address | % {[net.dns]::gethostbyaddress($_.address)}


Explore-Net 192.168.2 @(3..10)


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