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Score: 101

I created a full-featured Markdown editor 5 for Windows called MarkdownPad (http://markdownpad.com), and it supports 4 full live HTML preview:

MarkdownPad, the Markdown Editor for Windows

MarkdownPad is lightweight 3 (only 1.5 MB, not including the .NET 4 Framework), and 2 offers several great features:

  • Everything is customizable. Fonts, colors, sizes, and even the CSS stylesheet of the rendered HTML. The default CSS is beautiful and minimal, and will make your HTML documents look great.
  • Easy HTML export. You can export the full document as HTML, or just selected text.
  • Distraction-free Mode. This full-screen mode turns your whole monitor into a blank canvas for you to get some serious work done.
  • Frequent updates. I'm always improving MarkdownPad, and love hearing feedback from users.
  • Built natively for Windows. MarkdownPad was built from the ground up exclusively for Windows. It uses the latest Microsoft .NET 4 and Windows Presentation 4 Frameworks (translation: it's all kinds of shiny on the inside).

And I even 1 wrote this post in MarkdownPad :)

Score: 30

I use MarkPad. It's free. It's open source. It 2 looks great. And, it's written in WPF (which 1 I love).

Markdown For Windows

Score: 20

If you use Visual Studio, the Markdown Mode extension is pretty 2 handy for both Markdown syntax highlighting 1 as well as displaying a live preview.

enter image description here

Score: 18

ResophNotes supports Markdown with preview.

ResophNotes Screen shot

ReText is a Python 7 app that supports Markdown Preview, but 6 Windows doesn't appear to be the main target 5 platform. I got it to work in Windows, but 4 I had to download the icons separately and 3 copy then into one of the app directories 2 in order to get it to work properly.

ReText Screen shot

WriteMonkey also 1 has Markdown support.

WriteMonkey Screen shot

Score: 13

I've written a editor called Markdown Editor.

screen shot

You 1 can read more about it at http://mike-ward.net/markdownedit.

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