[ACCEPTED]-Do Windows shortcuts support very long argument lengths?-maxlength

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It turns out that this issue is in fact 8 solely a limitation in the Explorer shell 7 dialog. The generated shortcut file does 6 not have a 260 character limitation. It's 5 simply that the dialog refuse to display 4 a Target with more characters than that. Presumably 3 it calls GetPath with a fixed length buffer.

procedure TForm11.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  sl: IShellLinkW;
  pf: IPersistFile;
  CoCreateInstance(CLSID_ShellLink, nil, 
  sl.SetArguments(PChar(StringOfChar('x', 300)+'_the_end'));
  pf := sl as IPersistFile;
  pf.Save('c:\desktop\test.lnk', False);

My 2 test.bat looks like this:

echo %1> test.out

The resulting test.out goes right 1 the way to _the_end!

Score: 6

Thanks all who contributed to this thread 13 - it helped me immensely.

However, if I may, I 12 would like to add the below information 11 I discovered in crafting my solution:

  1. On 10 Windows 7 Enterprise ~SP1, it would seem 9 that using VBS to create the shortcut there is still a limit on maximum 8 characters in (at least) the arguments field. I 7 tested up to 1023 chars before it got trunicated. I 6 presume the same limit would apply to the 5 Delphi method likewise.

  2. On Windows XP Professional 4 ~SP3, while the VBS method will create a 3 shortcut longer than 260 characters (lnk 2 file contains the data), it seems to trunicate 1 it at about this number when executing it.

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