[ACCEPTED]-Vagrant: How to paste text in Windows command window, when running Vagrant ssh-vagrant

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The windows terminal is awful. To paste, what 10 you need to do is right-click the top-left 9 corner of the window (where the icon is), go 8 down to edit, and select "Paste". No 7 keyboard shortcuts for it.

Now, one alternative 6 is to connect to your vagrant VM with something 5 like Putty. Just connect to localhost on 4 port 2222. username is "vagrant" but 3 you will need to take a few steps to convert 2 the SSH key for login. Here is an article explaining 1 what you need to do.

Score: 1

An easiest shortcut would be:

1) Go to your vagrant vm

-> vagrant 5 ssh

2) Set password to your vagrant user

sudo passwd vagrant

Enter new UNIX password: 12345

Retype 4 new UNIX password: 12345 passwd: password 3 updated successfully

3) Login using Putty :

Host name: localhost 2 Port: 2222 (or your vagrant vm mapped ssh 1 port)

username: vagrant

password: 12345


Score: 1

On Windows 10:

  1. Right-click on the terminal menu title.
  2. Click Properties
  3. Check Options > Edit Options > Use Ctrl+Shift+C/V as Copy/Paste


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Supplement. I use the git ssh key for ssh.(I 3 use the laravel homestead)

So when load the 2 key in putty key generator, you should choose 1 the git ssh private key.

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