[ACCEPTED]-What are the WCF Service Reference .datasource files?-service-reference

Accepted answer
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As far as I remember, they are just generated 3 so that you can use the data contracts used 2 in the service as object data sources for 1 data binding against UI controls.

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The .datasource files are optional, but 3 they can be used in your client app to easily 2 bind a data contract to a ui control. Here 1 is an article explaining how to use them:


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I was able to delete them from one of our 5 projects. Project built fine, and loaded 4 stuff from the database fine, so I'm assuming 3 it was safe. I would like to hear someone 2 who knows more about them weigh in on this 1 element of the subject though.

Score: 3

Expand your Reference.svcmap from visual 1 studio.

Update reference.

And delete yellow warning datasources.

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