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This problem can be also from SQL Server Reporting Services. You need 4 to stop/disable this service from:

  1. Control Panel->System and Security->Administrative Tool->Services and stop 3 the service named SQL Server Reporting Services 2 (InstanceName) enter image description here

  2. Open SQL Server Configuration Manager -> SQL Server Services stop/disable SQL Server 1 Reporting Services (InstanceName) enter image description here

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I've solved this today!!! You go to "Control Panel" >> "System And Security" >> "Administrative Tools" >> "Component Services" >> "Services (LOCAL)"

Now, since 8 you are using WAMP and not IIS you should 7 disable the "World Wide Web Publishing Service" and 6 the "Web Deployment Agent Service". You 5 are good to go.

If this doesn't work you 4 probably have Skype using Port 80 (if you 3 actually have Skype). (If you have IIS installed 2 you should also disable it. But if you don't 1 have it installed you shouldn't worry!)

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An other solution could be to simply alter 6 the appache httpd.conf. You can acces this 5 file from the wamp menu > Apache > httpd.conf

Next 4 alter the

Listen 80

To for example

Listen 7080

Restart wamp and 3 services then type http://localhost:7080 and you'll have wamp 2 up and running

And disable the IIS service 1 if installed.

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I came across this other post which helped 9 me. For me

The Apache service wouldn't start 8 because TCP/IP port 80 was in use.

The error 7 was, Port 80 is used by "Server : Microsoft 6 HTTPAPI/2.0".

The obvious thing was 5 to disable the IIS web server, which can 4 also use port 80. But this didn't solve 3 the problem.

It turns out there are a long 2 list of other services that can also use 1 Port 80: These include the following services.

  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • World Wide Web Publishing Service
  • Web Deployment Agent Service
  • Branch Cache Service (<== This was the important one for us, and also the one that is least documented)


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I have successfully rooted out the problem 11 in windows 8. I hope this will be helpful 10 to others 1) Go to control panel -Turn window 9 features on or off - uncheck: internet information 8 service IIS and internet information service 7 hostable web core.

2) Control panel + system 6 and security + Administrative + services 5 (Disable all SQL Servers).

3) This one no 4 one so far mention it: -control panel + system 3 and security + Administrative tools + system 2 configuration + services (uncheck Web Deployment 1 Agent Services).

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This worked for me:

  • Services > “Web Deployment Service Agent”
  • Stop, set to Manual
  • Restart WAMP

Source: http://theandystratton.com/2012/wampapache-broken-from-microsoft-httpapi-2-0-using-port-80


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I had this issue as well.

After testing port 5 80 in the apache folder, it said that port 4 80 was being used by HTTPAPI/2.0.

I disabled 3 web deployment agent service(MsDepSvc) then 2 clicked start on wampapache and it started 1 working.

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Recently found another service that steals 4 port 80 - a recent update of Razer Synapse 3 installed the "Razer Chrome SDK Server" service 2 which takes it. Disabling this freed the 1 port for me.

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Your WAMP does not start because port 80 15 is being use by another program (Microsoft-HTTP 14 API).

So just change the port Apache uses. To 13 do that click on your WAMP icon in tray 12 go to APACHE and open httpd.conf. In the opened text 11 editor look for the line

Listen 80

and replace it with 10

Listen x

where x is your desired new port.

Now WAMP 9 should start ok and you could access localhost 8 with http://localhost:x where x is your desired new port.

If 7 by any chance you want a port that is already 6 being used by another program you could 5 see busy ports by going to command prompt 4 and typing

netstat -ao

Also you should allow access to 3 that port in your default browser too. You 2 can find out how to do this for Firefox 1 3 by reading this article: Unblock a nonstandard port in Firefox3.

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On my Windows 10, netstat said PID 4 was 4 listening at port 80 and the solution was 3 to stop BranchCache service.

This was already mentioned 2 in a comment by Adrian Adkison, but I add 1 it in a comment for better visibility.

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try to disable the service BranchCache:

  1. Press Start --> Run --> services.msc --> Enter
  2. Search for BranchCache service
  3. Right click on it & choose properties
  4. Change startup type to disabled
  5. Stop the service
  6. Hallelujah :)


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If you have Visual Studio the Web Deployment 1 Service also takes Port 80 by default.

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I have also facing the same issues.. I did 17 the following steps to resolve the issue:-

1) Go to Control Panel-Administrative tools->Services

a) Stop 16 the Web deployment Agent services and then 15 right click on the service then click on 14 the Properties and make it startup type 13 Manual.

b) In the same way Stop the World 12 Wide Web Publishing Services and mark it 11 stratup type Manual.

c) Stop all services 10 related to Sql Server

2) If IIS is already installed in your System..

a) Change the default 9 port of IIS by opening IIS Manager

b) Then 8 go to default Site->Default Web Site->Edit 7 Bindings then chage the port to other than 6 80 i.e. 800

3) If Skype is installed and is in running state then also quit the skpye..

Then Click on Restart all services 5 of WAMP server..(Now it should display green 4 in colour) You can check it by write the 3 following on your web browser.. http://localhost/phpmyadmin/

Hope the 2 above steps will help you in starting WAMP 1 server..

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In my case the port test said "Server 9 : Microsoft HTTPAPI/2.0". Netstat revealed 8 it was pid 4, system. I tried everything 7 here so far and it was not:

  • IIS (Internet Information Services)
  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Any other SQL service
  • World Wide Web Publishing Service
  • Web Deployment Agent Service (MsDepSvc)
  • Skype
  • Remote agent service for the Microsoft Web Deploy 3.0
  • Visual Studio Test Controller

I finally found 6 more answers on superuser and in my case it turned out 5 to be http.sys. I changed the port it binds 4 to with this:

netsh http add iplisten ipaddress=::

It freed the port immediately 3 although i had te reboot before i could 2 start wamp. Maybe because of all the random 1 stuff i had disabled before :-)

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Update 2017- Wamp version 3.0.6

Right click on Wamp--> tool--> apache 2 section-->use a port other than 80

enter image description here

Now 1 listen to


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try starting wamp before skype ;]

Skype 1 likes port 80...

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I had the same problem caused by Skype.

To 3 disable use of port 80 in Skype:

Go to File -> Options... -> Connection and 2 uncheck the one called "Use port 80 as an 1 alternative for..."

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To find the service that is running under 2 port 80:

netsh http show servicestate
  1. Check the Process ID in output
  2. Find the related service through Task Manager (Win+R > taskmgr)
  3. Stop / disable the service (Win+R > services.msc).

Typically, the service to stop can 1 be BranchCache.

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netsh http show servicestate will show the current http services that 4 are running. this can make it much easier 3 to track down & locate the specific 2 things holding open port 80. for me it was 1 a MultiPoint service.

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In my case i got "your port 80 is used by 7 microsoft-httpapi" Service I had to stop 6 is "Remote agent service for the Microsoft 5 Web Deploy 3.0." After i stoped it my apache 4 is started to work on port 80. I dont want 3 to add every time port (8080) when i work. (Skype 2 i changed too to some port (not 80))

Hope 1 it helps

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BTW, this type of problem ties to similar 11 posts concerning: port 80 in use by NT Kernel 10 & System. For me, the problem was tied 9 to Visual Studio 2012. I am running a test 8 controller on my machine which communicates 7 with test agents on remoted machines. The 6 name of the service runing on my windows 5 7 x64 laptop is "Visual Studio Test Controller". Once 4 I shut this service down, I was able to 3 run anything I wanted on port 80 (apache 2 in my case). The post by John above got 1 me on the correct path to figure this out.

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It exists an easy way:

  1. Go to control panel->system and security->administrative tool->services and stop the services like sql, webdeployment and mics etc.
  2. Go to wamp manu-> apache->install services and then start services->test port 80 (make sure port 80 is free)
  3. Go to your browser and write [//localhost] or simply localhost a page will be shown.
  4. Create a directory in wamp/www/yourDirectory(i.e test). Put in this your php file with the name index.php. Now go to browser and type http://localhost/yourDirectory(i.e test)/.

That worked for me...


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A bunch of upvotes here for each answer 8 identifying the culprit in an individual 7 situation. But it would be good if there 6 was an answer here with a list of the possible 5 culprits to work through.

Sitepoint has a good post 4 listing, identifying and resolving this 3 problem for a range of possible port-80-using-services.

In 2 summary, the possible culprits will be:

  • IIS
  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Skype
  • Web Deployment Agent Service

Check 1 the Sitepoint post for full details.

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netsh http show servicestate will show information on what http services 8 are running. use this to try to track down 7 & locate the guilty service.

before finding 6 this, i'd tried shutting down oodles of 5 services. nothing seemed to work. for me, it 4 was a MultiPoint service that was causing 3 port 80 to be taken. i don't think i ever 2 would have found it, had i not found out 1 about netsh http show servicestate.

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