[ACCEPTED]-Preventing Visual Studio from building all projects when debugging one-visual-studio

Accepted answer
Score: 39

Right click on your solution, then go to 2 Properties, Configuration Properties and 1 select the projects you want to be compiled.

Score: 25

You might try checking what Visual Studio 4 builds when running a project. Open the 3 Options dialog, and go to Projects and Solutions 2 | Build and Run. Try turning on "Only build 1 startup projects and dependencies on Run".

Score: 16

To stop the ASP.Net dev server from launching:

Simply 6 click the web project in the solution explorer 5 and hit F4 to bring up the properties window, and 4 change "Always start when debugging" from 3 "True" to "False". You 2 might need to check all the projects in 1 the solution.

See this thread for more on this.

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