[ACCEPTED]-TFS 2013: Get all work items below a certain parent-team-explorer

Accepted answer
Score: 32

Step 1 - Select "Tree of work items"

Step 7 2 - Set up the query as usual for the top 6 level work items, for example only "Epic" work 5 items with id 4247 (whatever you like really).

Step 4 3 - Under "Filters for linked work 3 items" you can exclude descendent items, for 2 example you could show only PBIs, or only 1 bugs etc.

Example Query

Score: 2

Yes, use a "Tree of Work Items" type of 1 query.

Score: 2


The most simple way to learn how 7 build this querys is: on backlog turn on 6 features, user story and task, I know you 5 want features, then click create a query, give 4 a name. That query show you how to build 3 one with tree and WIT's with same type like 2 sub-query, for example.

After you do this, tell 1 us what you want to refine.

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