[ACCEPTED]-How to change the default browser to debug with in Visual Studio 2008?-browser

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  • (In the Project Solution window) Right click a page (.aspx, or on a folder)
  • Select Browse With...
  • Choose your browser
  • Click Set as Default
  • Click Browse

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ASP.NET projects:

  • Right click a webpage (.aspx, or on a folder)
  • Select Browse With...
  • Choose your browser
  • Click Set as Default
  • Click Browse

ASP.NET MVC 1 projects:

Right click Default.aspx, then 4 follow steps above.

ASP.NET MVC 2 projects:

As there is 3 no Default.aspx, you need to create a Web 2 Form (right-click project > Add > New Item) and 1 follow the steps above.

Score: 12

If you use ASP-NET MVC, you need to right-click 2 on Default.ASPX which will have a Browse 1 With menu.

Score: 9

To permanently make Visual Studio open a 7 project in IE without changing the default 6 browser you can do the following:

Project Properties -> Web -> Start Action

Start external 5 program: C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe Command 4 line arguments: Enter the url of the path 3 to your start page ie http:\localhost\myproject\default.aspx

This 2 won't allow you to debug client side script 1 in Visual Studio though.

Score: 4

If you are using MVC 2 you do not need to 2 create another project, just add component 1 -> webform to the project then:

* Right click the webform  
* Select Browse With...  
* Choose your browser  
* Click Set as Default  
* Delete the webform
Score: 3

If you use MVC, you don't have this menu 2 (no "Browse With..." menu)

Create first a 1 normal ASP.NET web site.

Score: 2

I have passed this problem in VS2012. When 8 I can't find "Browse with.." on the right-click 7 of the project, I found it on File Menu 6 -> Browse with. If it doesn't appear, first 5 you have to click on menu bar, then try 4 open file menu again. If it still doesn't 3 appear, you can just go to Quick Launch 2 on the top right of menu bar then type it 1 "Browse with".

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In VS 2010 just make the browser as your default broswer in which you want to run your application and there is no need to set anything in visual studio. I did it for google chrome and its working 4 for me. I just made google chrome as my 3 default browser and its working fine. I 2 am almost sure that this should work in 1 VS 2008 also.

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First click show all files. Then in the 3 bin folder choose any xml file and then 2 right click and by selecting 'browse with' select 1 your desired browser.

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I find that the Browse With.. menu item only appears 2 in Visual Studio 2010 when I Run as administrator. And in that 1 case it is available even while in debug mode.

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An easier way to do this is simply by selecting 5 the arrow next to the Start Debugging:

the Start Debugging

Then 4 in the Drop Down goto Web Browser and select the browser 3 you would like to debug the site with, you 2 can also select Browse with... to set the default as explained 1 in other answers.

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