[ACCEPTED]-Switch to last-active tab in VIM-tabs

Accepted answer
Score: 72

Put this in your .vimrc:

if !exists('g:lasttab')
  let g:lasttab = 1
nmap <Leader>tl :exe "tabn ".g:lasttab<CR>
au TabLeave * let g:lasttab = tabpagenr()

Then, in normal 2 mode, type \tl to swap to the tab you viewed 1 last.

Score: 6

Fix the potential issue when a tab is closed:

" Switch to last-active tab
if !exists('g:Lasttab')
    let g:Lasttab = 1
    let g:Lasttab_backup = 1
autocmd! TabLeave * let g:Lasttab_backup = g:Lasttab | let g:Lasttab = tabpagenr()
autocmd! TabClosed * let g:Lasttab = g:Lasttab_backup
nmap <silent> <Leader>` :exe "tabn " . g:Lasttab<cr>


Score: 3

I use buffers and not tabs, but I am able 3 to switch between the current and latest 2 used buffer using :b#
Basics of using buffers 1 are:

:e filename to open file in new buffer  
:bn to go to next buffer  
:bp to go to previous buffer  
:bd to close current buffer 
Score: 0

here's a solution in lua for folks that 2 uses neovim also make sure to change <A-S-b> to 1 your favorite keybinding.

-- switching to last active tab
vim.api.nvim_create_autocmd("TabLeave",  {
    pattern = "*",
    callback = function()
        vim.api.nvim_set_keymap('n', '<A-S-b>', '<cmd>tabn ' .. vim.api.nvim_tabpage_get_number(0) .. '<CR>', { noremap = true, silent = true })

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