[ACCEPTED]-Perforce wildcard problem in branch specification-perforce

Accepted answer
Score: 12

I think you need to have matching wildcards 1 on both sides of each mapping. Try:

//depot/dev/t/a/g/... //depot/dev/t/r/g/...
-//depot/dev/t/a/g/p/o*/... //depot/dev/t/r/g/p/o*/...
Score: 1

While not a direct answer to the question 9 (answered above), I was stumped on the same 8 message and found this post while trying 7 to search for a solution.

In my case, it 6 was because when copy-pasting the workspace 5 mapping from another file, the ellipsis 4 character was placed instead of the Perforce 3 "..." wildcard. To fix this, I deleted the 2 ellipsis and replaced it by typing in three 1 periods.

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