[ACCEPTED]-Vb.net - Setting a controls margin value-margin

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Label.Margin returns a Padding object.

Since Padding is a structure, it 10 will actually return a copy. You are changing 9 the Top value of that copy, not of the actual 8 control’s margin. Since that would have 7 no noticeable effect, VB correctly prevents 6 it.

You need to assign a whole new margin. In 5 fact, the Margin property (or rather, the Padding class) is 4 arguably broken since it doesn’t allow an 3 easy way to change the individual values.

Unfortunately, we 2 just have to live with it. So to change 1 just the Top value, we need to write:

Dim old As Padding = LabelAdapter.Margin
LabelAdapter.Margin = New Padding(old.Left, 8, old.Right, old.Bottom)

Weird, huh?

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