[ACCEPTED]-How can I create a frontend for matplotlib?-originlab

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Check out also good examples from Eli Bendersky's 1 website:

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I'm not really sure what you're asking. Matplotlib 17 already has an interactive GUI, if you call 16 it from the Python shell or ipython, for 15 example. You read in or construct your data, and 14 when you call plot(), you get a zoomable window, from 13 which you can save an image etc.

You can 12 write your own routines for things like 11 peak detection, and just call them interactively 10 from the terminal. At the end of the day, as 9 long as your function produces a set of 8 (x, y) data, you can plot it interactively. The 7 experience then is rather like Matlab. This 6 is the way most of the scientists I know 5 use matplotlib.

I would definitely try experimenting 4 with this approach first, and seeing if 3 it can meet your needs, before considering 2 any kind of GUI programming - particularly 1 if you are not a programmer by training.

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