[ACCEPTED]-Source Control Explorer Shows Pending Changes, But In Pending Changes Window does not show-tfs

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Score: 10

It sounds like you have them checked out 6 under a different workspace. Try going 5 to View->Other Windows->Source Control Explorer, then 4 open the Workspace dropdown near the top 3 of the screen, and select "Workspaces..."

I 2 would suggest simply deleting any extra 1 workspaces shown.

Score: 4

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make non-conflicting edits to files in TFS.

  2. Get 20 the latest version of the project from source 19 control.

  3. Sometimes, pending changes will 18 be marked as non-pending and all project 17 files are saved, resulting in no pending 16 changes in the Team Explorer.


  1. Right-click 15 on the solution folder in source code explorer

  2. Select 14 "Compare"

  3. In the search results, manually 13 open files which have been edited/added 12 and save them. This will register them 11 as a "Pending Change" in team explorer.

This 10 is because TFS apparently uses file properties 9 rather than actual text comparisons to register 8 pending changes in Visual Studio.

Tested 7 on: Windows 7, Visual Studio Ultimate 2012.

Additional feedback from my supervisor: "Not 6 sure if it was the issue this time, but 5 that can happen when you disconnect from 4 the TFS server (which sometimes happens 3 without it being obvious). File | Source 2 Control | Go Online usually fixes it (and 1 the option isn’t available if you are online)."

Score: 2

TFS is buggy everywhere. i think you need 6 to check out the parent folder and use TFS 5 power toys to undo all the rubbish unchanged 4 item. TFS use file property to indicate 3 whether or not a file has change, which 2 sucks the most, and produce tons of usability 1 problem.

Score: 2

If the file that you checked out is not 3 part of the current solution, it might be 2 hidden by the "Filter by solution" toolbar 1 button on the Pending Changes window.

Score: 2

Get your changed files check out for edit


Score: 1

I had the same problem, I re-started VS, opened 2 the solution and all the changes are now 1 being displayed in the pending changes window.

Score: 1

Did you try to checkout the file from the 2 Source Control Explorer view ?

For me, it 1 worked.

Score: 1

I have just had a similar issue in VS2012.

To 4 resolve the issue, I toggled the "Show xxx" dropdown 3 to "Show Solution Changes" and then back 2 to "Show All". The files that were missing 1 from the list then re-appeared.

enter image description here

Score: 1

I was having a similar problem and it was 7 due to the fact that my local version was 6 a "non-version control solution" for some 5 reason! meaning that my local was not really 4 connected to the actual source code on tfs.

fix: Got 3 the latest with override option checked. I 2 know this could be painful if you had a 1 lot of changes made to your local.

Score: 1

I was facing same issue the first answer 7 was really helpfull. But make sure to check 6 "Show Remote Workspaces" if you are working 5 from different computer. In my cases the 4 files where checked in and edited from home 3 computer and it was showing pending changes. Deleting 2 unwanted workspaces helps to solve this 1 problem.

Score: 1
  • a different workspace on the same machine
  • a different workspace on another machine
  • TeamExplorer -> PendingChanges -> Excluded Changes ( I included this only because you didn't specifically mention they weren't there)
    • especially if you right clicked a node in solution explorer and chose check-in
  • Filtered based on TeamExplorer Settings @Oliver
  • Use a Tfs Query to find the pending changes and what workspace they are pending from.

Another option is to permanently or temporarily 2 give them permissions to overwrite your 1 lock. Then he can check-in anyhow.

Score: 0

I've seen this problem. Sometimes when I 7 have the pending changes window in 'flat 6 display mode', it doesn't display my changes. I 5 find if I click the toolbar icon at the 4 top of the pending changes window with tooltip 3 'Change to folder view', then they display. I 2 think this is a bug in the Team Explorer 1 Client.

Score: 0

sometimes I can not lock a branch because 4 users have things checked out, but when 3 I ask them about it, the pending merges/changes, only 2 folders come up with no objects to change. What's 1 with that?

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