[ACCEPTED]-Doctrine load fixtures --no-interaction flag is not working when running in a Symfony command-fixtures

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I've found the solution. Simply call:


Like 1 so:

protected function loadFixturesCommand($oOutput) {
    $oOutput->writeln('<fg=white>Attempting to load fixtures</fg=white>');
    $updateCommand = $this->getApplication()->find('doctrine:fixtures:load');

    $updateArguments = array(
        'command' => 'doctrine:fixtures:load'

    $updateInput = new ArrayInput($updateArguments);
    $updateCommand->run($updateInput, $oOutput);

    try {
        $updateCommand->run($updateInput, $oOutput);
    } catch (ContextErrorException $e) {
    return $this;
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You can use --append param to suppress interaction.

i.e. doctrine:fixtures:load --append


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If you make a drop from your database you 6 could also use this command I think, to 5 be confirmed.

By default Doctrine Data Fixtures 4 uses DELETE statements to drop the existing 3 rows from the database. If you want to use 2 a TRUNCATE statement instead you can use 1 the --purge-with-truncate flag:

php bin/console doctrine:fixtures:load --purge-with-truncate

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