[ACCEPTED]-Mark an individual Doctrine migration as ran/executed-database-migration

Accepted answer
Score: 31

I found that this functionality falls under 2 the version command:

Use this command to add a single 1 version:

app/console doctrine:migrations:version 20140430223207 --add

Use this command to add them all:

app/console doctrine:migrations:version --add --all

Score: 3

In your database is table where stored doctrine 9 migrations. You can just add line with version 8 id (20140409203042). Default name of this 7 table is migration_versions, i think, or 6 you can find name in config (http://symfony.com/doc/current/bundles/DoctrineMigrationsBundle/index.html)

It is one 5 possible solutions for doing migrations 4 wihout running it. But you really should 3 control all queries, if it ok. If one, or 2 more are missing, you should do migrations 1 with queries commented out.

Score: 1

In newer versions of doctrine the migration version 2 name contains a namespace (Skipping Migrations)

Now the command 1 may look like this:

bin/console doctrine:migrations:version 'DoctrineMigrations\Version20220407777666' --add

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