[ACCEPTED]-What are the alternatives for meld (graphical diff tool) on OSX-meld

Accepted answer
Score: 38

There's FileMerge.app, which comes with 2 XCode.

It can be run as a separate standalone 1 application :

enter image description here

Score: 16

Apple's FileMerge (which is included in their Developer Tools download) looks similar to Meld, though 1 I confess to not having used either..

Score: 11

Sourcegear DiffMerge is free and completely cross-platform (Windows, Mac 4 and Linux). I've only used the Windows 3 version, and it lacks some more advanced 2 features (like syntax highlighting and opening 1 .diff files) but I'm very happy with it.

Score: 7

Fink has a meld package.


Score: 7

KDiff is cross platform, open source, and 1 has an OSX binary available.


Score: 3

Take a look at Changes.app. Yes, it is for pay, but 5 it's very capable, fast, easy on the eyes. It 4 also has a command line tool. Take a look 3 at the wiki for tips and tricks, especially 2 with getting it to integrate with version 1 control systems. I love Changes.app.

Score: 2

BBEdit has a good diff viewer in it.


Score: 2

Not a Mac user myself - but I stumbled across 3 this post, and simultaneously found out 2 about tkdiff, whose screenshot seems to be taken 1 on a Mac; so maybe it helps.. Cheers!

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