[ACCEPTED]-Try to svn checkout, but get: svn: '.' is already a working copy for a different URL-working-copy

Accepted answer
Score: 10

You could try "svn switch". In the example 8 at http:// svnbook.red-bean.com/en/1.0/ch04s05.html, it's 7 as easy as:

 $ svn switch http:// svn.example.com/repos/calc/branches/my-calc-branch

But since you have subdirectory 6 permissions issues, your plan to re-create 5 public_html sounds like the best solution; just 4 beware of typos with 'rm'. Try 'mv' to 3 just move the old directory out of the way, which 2 doesn't depend on subdirectory permissions.

You 1 can use:

 $ mv public_html old_public_html
 $ mkdir public_html
 $ chmod 755 public_html
 $ cd public_html
 $ svn checkout url
Score: 6

This sequence of commands should do it if 3 you're in a hurry.

There's gotta be a way 2 to update the working copy's reference url, but 1 I don't know it off-hand.

$ svn diff > ../changes.patch
$ rm -rf * ..?*
$ svn checkout url
$ patch -p < ../changes.patch
Score: 1

If you don't need a connection with your 3 brother's repo, then just remove all his 2 .svn dirs.

The permission issue is not related 1 to SVN, definitely.

Score: 1

I think that the best option in your case 2 is to delete the folder and create it again 1 doing the checkout from SVN

Score: 0

I saw in another question that a solution 6 may be to simply delete the .svn directory. I 5 tried this, but it said permission denied 4 for several subdirectories in .svn.

Even 3 when you can not delete directories you 2 may move them away:

$ mv .svn /tmp/dustbin


You should have 1 write access at least to your home directory:

$ mv ~/public_html /tmp/dustbin
$ mkdir ~/public_html
Score: 0

I ran into this error ("... is already a 13 working copy for a different URL") just 12 now in Eclipse 3.5. I was trying to check 11 out a particular branch of a project from 10 the Eclipse "SVN Repository Exploring" perspective 9 (the Subclipse subversion client adapter 8 from tigris.org). I had drilled into [project] | branches | [branch] that 7 I was interested in, then did right-click 6 on the branch that I was interested in and 5 selected Checkout; this led to the error.

For me, the 4 fix was to instead go to the "Java EE" perspective, right-click 3 on my project, and select Replace With | Branch/Tag... from the context 2 menu. Doing this, I was successfully able 1 download the branch I was interested in.

Score: 0

I've found that if I simply go to the J2EE 3 perspective, right click on the project, and 2 select Delete before I attempt to checkout 1 a new branch, it solves this problem.

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