[ACCEPTED]-SQL Server convert string to datetime-datetime

Accepted answer
Score: 113
UPDATE MyTable SET MyDate = CONVERT(datetime, '2009/07/16 08:28:01', 120)

For a full discussion of CAST and CONVERT, including 2 the different date formatting options, see 1 the MSDN Library Link below:


Score: 28

For instance you can use

update tablename set datetimefield='19980223 14:23:05'
update tablename set datetimefield='02/23/1998 14:23:05'
update tablename set datetimefield='1998-12-23 14:23:05'
update tablename set datetimefield='23 February 1998 14:23:05'
update tablename set datetimefield='1998-02-23T14:23:05'

You need to be careful 4 of day/month order since this will be language 3 dependent when the year is not specified 2 first. If you specify the year first then there is 1 no problem; date order will always be year-month-day.

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