[ACCEPTED]-Postgres XML datatype-postgresql

Accepted answer
Score: 19

Right now the biggest thing you get from 5 XML fields over raw text is XPath. So if 4 you had something similar to

CREATE TABLE pages (id int, html xml);

you could get 3 the title of page 4 by

SELECT xpath('/html/head/title/text()', html) FROM pages WHERE id = 4;

Right now XML support 2 is fairly limited, but got a lot better 1 in 8.3, current docs are at link text

Score: 15

Generally speaking, the benefits are the 7 same ones as for any other data type and 6 why you have data types other than text 5 at all:

  • Data integrity
    You can only store valid (well, well-formed) XML values in columns of type xml.
  • Type safety
    You can only perform operations on XML values that make sense for XML.

One example is the xpath() function (XML Path Language), which 4 only operates on values of type xml, not 3 text.

Indexing and query performance characteristics 2 are not better or worse than for say the 1 text type at the moment.

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