[ACCEPTED]-How do you list all the indexed views in SQL Server?-indexed-view

Accepted answer
Score: 25
SELECT o.name as view_name, i.name as index_name
    FROM sysobjects o 
        INNER JOIN sysindexes i 
            ON o.id = i.id 
    WHERE o.xtype = 'V' -- View


Score: 17

I like using the newer system tables:

    OBJECT_SCHEMA_NAME(object_id) as [SchemaName],
    OBJECT_NAME(object_id) as [ViewName],
    Name as IndexName
from sys.indexes
where object_id in 
    select object_id
    from sys.views

The 1 inner join version

    OBJECT_SCHEMA_NAME(si.object_id) as [SchemaName],
    OBJECT_NAME(si.object_id) as [ViewName],
    si.Name as IndexName
from sys.indexes AS si
inner join sys.views AS sv
    ON si.object_id = sv.object_id

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