[ACCEPTED]-How to add new schema to existing Visual Studio Database Project?-visual-studio-2013

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In Visual Studio 2017, I can add item => search 4 for schema, and that creates a sql file 3 that includes the line: create schema [fruit].

Then, I can reference 2 that schema when creating other database 1 objects.

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Yes, create the folder manually. There's 1 no smarter way to do this :-)

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I know this is pretty old, but I thought 6 whoever is looking at this and scratching 5 his/her head - how do I create all these 4 folders automatically? can benefit from 3 this link - copy folders

so to create a new schema named 2 "mh" you could do
robocopy .\dbo 1 .\mh /e /xf .

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