[ACCEPTED]-has_many build method, Rails-ruby-on-rails

Accepted answer
Score: 25

Unit Conversion Controller for new and create should 2 be:

def new
  @ingredient = Ingredient.find(params[:ingredient_id])    
  @unit_conversion = @ingredient.unit_conversions.build

def create
  @ingredient = Ingredient.find(params[:ingredient_id])    
  @unit_conversion = @ingredient.unit_conversions.build(params[:unit_conversion])

  if @unit_conversion.save
    flash[:notice] = "Successfully created unit conversion."
    redirect_to ingredient_unit_conversions_url(@ingredient)
    render :action => 'new'

Also, this screencast is a nice resource for nested 1 resources.

Score: 7
has_many :unit_conversion

Should be pluralized since you're calling 6 it with

@unit_conversion = @ingredient.unit_conversions.build

your controller

def new
  @ingredient = Ingredient.all

should be calling 5 #new to setup a new Ingredient or #find to grab an 4 existing Ingredient.

@ingredient = Ingredient.new       # returns a new Ingredient


@ingredient = Ingredient.find(...) # returns an existing Ingredient

Which one you choose 3 is up to your requirements.

Also, this is 2 a typo, right?

belongs_to :Ingredient

You might want to lowercase 1 :ingredient

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