[ACCEPTED]-How can I clear rails cache after deploy to heroku?-deployment

Accepted answer
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Rails has a built in rake task:

rake tmp:clear


Score: 39

The following should work on cedar:

heroku run console

..then 13 wait 5 seconds for heroku console to boot


Then 12 you should see the cache clear, and you 11 can quit console. Remember you might have 10 to refresh a few times because your local 9 machine will often cache assets and such 8 in your browser until it makes a fresh request.

If 7 it happens to be assets that you're caching 6 though, you don't need to go through a manual 5 clear every time you push, you just need 4 to have the asset pipeline set up and make 3 sure all your js/css(less/sass)/static images 2 are being compiled with hashes at the end 1 of their filenames.

Score: 31

You should be able to create a cache clearing 4 rake task that looks something like this:

namespace :cache do
  desc "Clears Rails cache"
  task :clear => :environment do

and 3 invoke it directly in one command that you 2 can use in your post deploy hook - like 1 so:

heroku run rake cache:clear
Score: 15

Ruby on Rails has a magical ENV variable 2 called 'RAILS_CACHE_ID'. I set this to 1 the git commit id whenever I deploy: heroku config:set RAILS_CACHE_ID=$CIRCLE_SHA1

Score: 4

If you want to simply run a rake task after 9 deploy, I would recommend checking out:


We've 8 been using it in production for over 6 months 7 and it's been rock solid.

First, add the 6 buildpack AFTER you already have the Ruby 5 buildpack set. This should happen after 4 your first deploy to the server

heroku buildpacks:add https://github.com/gunpowderlabs/buildpack-ruby-rake-deploy-tasks

Second, set 3 an environment variable called DEPLOY_TASKS with just 2 the names of the rake tasks you want to 1 run separated by spaces.

heroku config:set DEPLOY_TASKS='cache:clear

Score: 0

heroku run rake tmp:cache:clear



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Heroku doesn't currently support a pipeline 5 of actions to occur after deployment. You'll 4 need something like Codeship or TravisCI 3 to create a recipe of steps that happen 2 during deployment

Disclosure: I am a customer 1 of Codeship.

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Heroku has a release phase, which means you can put any deploy-time 7 tasks inside your Procfile:

release: bundle exec rake tmp:clear

You might want to set 6 up your own custom rake task to encapsulate 5 any other tasks that need to happen at deploy, e.g.: db:migrate and 4 so forth. Keep in mind that if the task 3 fails for any reason, Heroku will halt the 2 deploy and the previously deployed version 1 of the code will remain active.

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