[ACCEPTED]-What color scheme is best for sunlight readability?-color-scheme

Accepted answer
Score: 26

As per this thread from 2004 on slashdot.org, high 25 contrast is the way to go. Some of the commenters 24 also note that the human eye is more sensitive 23 to greens and yellows.

I went into paint 22 and made a bunch of test images. The images 21 were just a solid color background with 20 solid text of another color in various font 19 sizes. I took an HP Slate with the images 18 outside and flipped through them. It was 17 mostly cloudy yesterday but still quite 16 a bit brighter than inside.

  • Black on White was the most readable.
  • White on Dark Green was probably the second most readable.

Anything with 15 a blue background around the shade of the 14 sky was the worst of the bunch (not really 13 a surprise there).

As AudioDroid commented, white 12 backgrounds will do their part to drain 11 battery life. Pure black (#000000) backgrounds 10 are typically not liked by a majority of 9 consumers. However, dark colors with white 8 or almost-white greens and yellows are almost 7 as good and give you a little bit more color 6 to play with.

It is also worth noting that 5 the HP Slate 500 has a VERY reflective screen, its 4 almost like looking at a mirror and dark 3 backgrounds make this more apparent. A matte 2 finish would have helped quite a bit, just 1 something else to keep in mind.

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