[ACCEPTED]-Determine if Django is running under the development server-django

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As suggested by Bernhard Vallant, you can 3 just check for runserver in sys.argv.

You can just replace 2 your DEBUG assignment in settings.py with this:

DEBUG = (sys.argv[1] == 'runserver')

You should 1 also import sys somewhere in settings.py.

Score: 2

This is not the best approach, but it works 1 :)
For something better you can use django-configurations

import sys    
# Determine if in Production or Development
if (len(sys.argv) >= 2 and sys.argv[1] == 'runserver'):
    DEBUG = True 
    DEBUG = False
Score: 0

Could not have a permalink to this accepted 3 and related answer to your question. So, just 2 pasting it:-

server = request.META.get('wsgi.file_wrapper', None)
if server is not None and server.__module__ == 'django.core.servers.basehttp':
    print 'inside dev'

Of course, wsgi.file_wrapper might be set on META, and have a class from a module named django.core.servers.basehttp by extreme coincidence on another server environment, but I hope this will have you covered.

PS: Please refer to How can I tell whether my Django application is running on development server or not? for more 1 details

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