[ACCEPTED]-How do I tell which Python interpreter I'm using?-python

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import platform    

The above one provide the type of interpreter 1 you use .

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If you downloaded it as the default thing 12 from python.org, it's CPython. That's the 11 “normal” version of Python, the one you 10 get when you use the command “python”, and 9 the one you'll have unless you specifically 8 went looking for the projects targeting 7 Java/CIL.

And it's CPython because neither 6 of the other projects have reached version 5 number 2.5.2.

How can i use a dll developed 4 in VB.NET in to my project?

From CPython, using 3 Python-for-.NET(*) and clr.AddReference.

(*: actually a 2 bit of a misnomer, as with CPython in control 1 it is more like .NET-for-Python.)

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If you are typing "python" to launch it, it 2 is probably CPython. IronPython's executable 1 name is "ipy".

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import sys
print sys.version


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Well since the first part of your question 10 has been answered, I'll tackle the second 9 part. .NET dll's can be accessed from python 8 in various ways. If you are using ironpython 7 it makes this especially easy, since all 6 .NET languages can interact with eachother 5 fairly seamlessly. In this case you would 4 access your dll from ironpython just as 3 you would any other .NET dll you made with 2 ironpython. If you want to call a native 1 dll you can use ctypes.

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