[ACCEPTED]-Regex: How to match sequence of key-value pairs at end of string-key-value

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The negative zero-width lookahead is (?!pattern).

It's 15 mentioned part-way down the re module documentation page.


Matches if 14 ... doesn’t match next. This is a negative 13 lookahead assertion. For example, Isaac 12 (?!Asimov) will match 'Isaac ' only if it’s 11 not followed by 'Asimov'.

So you could use 10 it to match any number of words after a 9 key, but not a key using something like 8 (?!\S+:)\S+.

And the complete code would look like this:

regex = re.compile(r'''
    [\S]+:                # a key (any word followed by a colon)
    \s                    # then a space in between
        (?!\S+:)\S+       # then a value (any word not followed by a colon)
    )+                    # match multiple values if present
    ''', re.VERBOSE)

matches = regex.findall(my_str)

Which 7 gives

['key1: val1-words ', 'key2: val2-words ', 'key3: val3-words']

If you print the key/values using:

for match in matches:
    print match

It 6 will print:

key1: val1-words
key2: val2-words
key3: val3-words

Or using your updated example, it 5 would print:

Thème: O sombres héros 
Contraintes: sous titrés 
Author: nicoalabdou 
Tags: wakatanka productions court métrage kino session humour cantat bertrand noir désir sombres héros mer medine marie trintignant femme droit des femmes nicoalabdou pute soumise 
Posted: 06 June 2009 
Rating: 1.3 
Votes: 3

You could turn each key/value 4 pair into a dictionary using something like 3 this:

pairs = dict([match.split(':', 1) for match in matches])

which would make it easier to look 2 up only the keys (and values) you want.

More 1 info:

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