[ACCEPTED]-How can I stay tab-free in Geany on Ubuntu?-geany

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You are looking for 'soft tabs'


Edit > Preferences > Editor > Indentation > Type > Spaces

After changing 3 the setting, close and reopen the file.

To 2 apply the tab settings to every document 1 in the current session, also click:
Project->Apply Default.

Score: 37

DTing is right but on thing to remember: You 6 have to close all files (tabs) in Geany 5 and open them up again to have the new settings 4 work in each file. It took me days to figure 3 out that I not only have to close geany 2 and open it up again but that I also have 1 to re-open each file seperately.

Score: 13

I know I'm a bit late on this, but hopefully 3 this answer might help someone else. With 2 Geany closed, edit ~/.config/geany/geany.conf with some other editor, changing 1 the lines:




and the settings will "take".

Score: 6

To take effect on opened documents has to 2 go to:

  • Document-> indent_type -> spaces.

The document configuration has prevalence 1 over the global.

Score: 5

Here's another tip I like that works in 9 almost any editor. Enable view whitespace, and 8 never get confused again about what's in 7 the file:

Preferences > Editor > Display > ✔ Show Whitespace

Then restart Geany.

I use the 6 the syntax highlighting features to make 5 these symbols very subtle, a low contrast 4 greyscale, so one has to look to see them. The 3 tab is still somewhat easy to see in scintilla 2 editors because it it will be a multi-character 1 long arrow.

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I faced the same problem, but documents 2 opened as part of project.

In this case the 1 tab/spaces setting is overriden by project->preferences

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