[ACCEPTED]-Is there any way to convert Wikitext to Markdown in python?-text-processing

Accepted answer
Score: 16

Since is something that I need, I packaged 2 both together:


So now it's easier to perform 1 both tasks.

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You can go from wikitext to html and then go from html to markdown. Not 2 exactly straight forward, but i know no 1 alternatives.

Score: 4

Not sure it does what you want, but you 2 might want to check out Pyandoc: a Python wrapper 1 for Pandoc.

Score: 4

You can use pandoc for this. Try online converter.


Score: 2

You can use pandoc with following syntax 3 to convert from mediwiki to markdown.

 pandoc -f mediawiki -t markdown wiki.txt

this 2 will output on console but if you want to 1 save it in a file then change as below.

pandoc --from mediawiki --to markdown wiki.txt  -o youwant.md

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