[ACCEPTED]-Creating a python win32 service-pywin32

Accepted answer
Score: 10

I just create a simple "how to" where 7 the program is in one module and the service 6 is in another place, it uses py2exe to create 5 the win32 service, which I believe is the 4 best you can do for your users that don't 3 want to mess with the python interpreter 2 or other dependencies.

You can check my tutorial 1 here: Create win32 services using Python and py2exe

Score: 6

I've never used these APIs, but digging 6 through the code, it looks like the class 5 passed in is used to register the name of 4 the class in the registry, so you can't 3 do any initialization of your own. But 2 there's a method called GetServiceCustomOption 1 that may help:


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