[ACCEPTED]-How to catch PHP Warning in PHPUnit-phpunit

Accepted answer
Score: 40

PHPUnit_Util_ErrorHandler::handleError() throws one of several exception types based 2 on the error code:

  • PHPUnit_Framework_Error_Notice for E_NOTICE, E_USER_NOTICE, and E_STRICT
  • PHPUnit_Framework_Error_Warning for E_WARNING and E_USER_WARNING
  • PHPUnit_Framework_Error for all others

You can catch and expect 1 these as you would any other exception.

 * @expectedException PHPUnit_Framework_Error_Warning
function testNegativeNumberTriggersWarning() {
    $fixture = new someClass;
Score: 12

I would create a separate case to test when 2 the notice/warning is expected.

For PHPUnit 1 v6.0+ this is the up to date syntax:

use PHPUnit\Framework\Error\Notice;
use PHPUnit\Framework\Error\Warning;
use PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase;

class YourShinyNoticeTest extends TestCase

    public function test_it_emits_a_warning()

        file_get_contents('/nonexistent_file'); // This will emit a PHP Warning, so test passes

    public function test_it_emits_a_notice()

        $now = new \DateTime();
        $now->whatever; // Notice gets emitted here, so the test will pass
Score: 10

What worked for me was modifying my phpunit.xml 2 to have


The key was to use strict="true" to get the warnings 1 to result in a failed test.

Score: 3

You can also write a phpunit.xml file (on 1 your tests dir) with this:

Score: 1

Using Netsilik/BaseTestCase (MIT License) you can test directly 3 for triggered Errors/Warnings, without converting 2 them to Exceptions:

composer require netsilik/base-test-case

Testing for an E_USER_NOTICE:

namespace Tests;

class MyTestCase extends \Netsilik\Testing\BaseTestCase
     * {@inheritDoc}
    public function __construct($name = null, array $data = [], $dataName = '')
        parent::__construct($name, $data, $dataName);

        $this->_convertNoticesToExceptions  = false;
        $this->_convertWarningsToExceptions = false;
        $this->_convertErrorsToExceptions   = true;

    public function test_whenNoticeTriggered_weCanTestForIt()
        $foo = new Foo();

        self::assertErrorTriggered(E_USER_NOTICE, 'The warning string');

Hope 1 this helps someone in the future.

Score: 0
public function testFooBar(): void
    // this is required
    // these are optional
    $this->expectWarningMessage('fopen(/tmp/non-existent): Failed to open stream: No such file or directory');
    $this->expectWarningMessageMatches('/No such file or directory/');

    fopen('/tmp/non-existent', 'rb');


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