[ACCEPTED]-Images not showing up with https-https

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If I go to your website ( https://www.scfootball.org/ ), I don't see the 26 images, as you said : I get a 403 (Forbidden) error for each 25 one of those -- I can see this using the 24 "Net" tab of the Firefox extension 23 Firebug, for instance.

If I try to see an image 22 directly, without going trough the site 21 (for instance : https://www.scfootball.org/widgets/GulloParkHeader.png ), then, I can see the image.
If you try, make sure you copy-paste the URL to a new tab/window, and not just click on it

Which means 20 there is some kind of trouble between the 19 website and the access to the images ; not 18 on the images themselves.

If I disable the 17 referer in firefox (the web developper toolbar extension allows that easily) and refresh your website's 16 webpage, the images appear.

If I re-enable 15 the referer, and refresh again, then the 14 images don't appear anymore.

Which means 13 there is something, related to the referer, that 12 prevents the images from being sent, and 11 returns a 403 error instead.

Just a wild 10 guess : maybe there's a .htaccess in your widgets directory 9 (or somewhere else) that prevents images from being served, if 8 the referer doesn't correspond to a specific 7 domain ?

Considering the images are displayed 6 on the site when I access it without HTTPS 5 (i.e. with an URL such as http://www.scfootball.org/index2.php ), maybe there is a "protection" in 4 place so your images are not displayed if 3 the Referer is not that non-https website... And 2 that "protection" has not been 1 updated when you switched to HTTPS ?

(I've seen that kind of "protection" used to prevent hot-linking of images, for instance)

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This is an old post but, it could be hotlink 4 protection too.

If you turn it on an allowed 3 alias for a http:// domain you gotta for 2 its https:// too, otherwise itll deny your 1 images from being called to client.

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I used DJango API to test locally, everything 3 is normal, after deploying SSL, the interface 2 access is normal, but the picture shows 1 404

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