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Zend_extentions are extensions that are 13 built into the Zend engine itself. The 12 engine parses, interprets and executes PHP 11 script. Changing the engine changes the 10 way that PHP works.

The included diagram 9 will describe the main difference between 8 an extension and a zend_extension.

Both 7 types of extensions share lots of functionality. The 6 difference between both types is mainly 5 with the hooks that they register into the 4 Engine. Despite it being very uncommon, an 3 extension can be both a PHP extension and 2 a Zend extension. Xdebug is a good example.

Find 1 below image for main schema Comparison of extensions and zend_extensions

For more details refer to this link

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At the core of the PHP language (more like 8 the interpreter, because a language is just 7 a specification) is a software (interpreter, bytecode 6 compiler) called "Zend Engine" developed 5 by Zend.

Every module which messes with this 4 core should be installed as a "zend_extension".

And 3 yet, to solve your problem, ignore this 2 attempt at explanation and consult the docs 1 of the extension you're configuring - http://www.xdebug.org/docs/install.

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