[ACCEPTED]-Removing unused CSS from website code-css

Accepted answer
Score: 24

Intellij IDEA can do this. Navigate to CSS 15 file, click on 'Analyze' and then reduce 14 the analysis scope to a selected file. After 13 that you will be presented with all problems 12 related to this file. All errors are divided 11 into categories, navigate to the category 10 named 'Unused CSS selector' to find what 9 you're after. The same should work for JavaScript. Please 8 note that CSS support is only available 7 in Ultimate version of IDEA, though it's 6 totally worth every buck you spend on it. There 5 is also a 30-day trial period for Ultimate 4 edition. Oh, and by the way it has an excellent 3 PHP support. There is also a cheaper PHP-specific 2 IDE from the same vendor called PHPStorm. Analysis 1 features are also available there.

Score: 12

You can get pretty close to what you are 4 asking for with the Google Chrome's Audit 3 tab under Developer Tools. It does not 2 remove unused CSS, but it will show you 1 what CSS rules are not being used.

Observe: enter image description here

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