[ACCEPTED]-Auto start file download after form submission-back-button

Accepted answer
Score: 24

You could send the form to the Thank you document 1 and put there a META refresh to the file download:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="3;url=download.php">
<p>Thank you! The download will start in 3 seconds. If not, use this link to download the <a href="download.php">file</a></p>
Score: 3

Add a second page that says something "thank 3 you, your donwnload will start in a few 2 seconds" and triggers the download using 1 javascript:

    window.location = 'http://yourdownloadhost.com/file.zip';
  }, 1500);

or use a meta redirect.

Score: 0

You can insert a hidden iframe into your 1 page and submit your form to this iframe.

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