[ACCEPTED]-what does a php function return by default?-language-design

Accepted answer
Score: 104
  1. null
  2. null
  3. if(foo() === null)
  4. -
  5. Nope.

You can try it out by doing:

$x = foo();


Score: 39

Not returning a value from a PHP function 5 has the same semantics as a function which 4 returns null.

function foo() {}


echo gettype($x)."\n";
echo isset($x)?"true\n":"false\n";
echo is_null($x)?"true\n":"false\n";

This will output


You get the 3 same result if foo is replaced with

function foo() {return null;}

There 2 has been no change in this behaviour from 1 php4 to php5 to php7 (I just tested to be sure!)

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