[ACCEPTED]-Is there any KCacheGrind alternative for Mac Os X outta there?-kcachegrind

Accepted answer
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You can install KCacheGrind using MacPorts:

sudo port install valgrind kcachegrind4

There 6 are also some alternatives like:

See 1 also: do you have kcachegrind like profiling tools for mac

Score: 10

You might want to check out WebGrind

Webgrind is 4 an Xdebug profiling web frontend in PHP5. It 3 implements a subset of the features of kcachegrind 2 and installs in seconds and works on all 1 platforms.

Score: 7

qcachegrind is the qt based 'cousin' of 1 kcachegrind. Works like a treat.

Score: 6

Another premium alternative is ProfilingViewer, available 5 on the Mac App Store. Handles multiple types 4 of costs. Can display the data as Treemap, Callgraph, Heatmap, can 3 hide system functions and has a source file 2 viewer annotated with the costs. Can create 1 PDF's. Fast and has a small memory footprint.

Profiling Viewer, Callgraph with Heatmap

Profiling Viewer, Treemap with Heatmap

Profiling Viewer, Treemap

Score: 2

MacCallGrind and WebGrind is the true best 9 answers for MacOS. I can't comment kenorb 8 answer so I have to make new one.

MacCallGrind 7 link to MacUpdate is wrong - their's price 6 is much higher then from developers site 5 (http://www.maccallgrind.com/).

I personally find MacCallGrind grinder 4 feature very useful in combine with Transmit 3 (http://panic.com/transmit/) feature - mount ssh/sftp as disk. It 2 automatically opens every new cache grind 1 file that appears at remote location.

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You can now install qcachegrind with macports 2 as well:

sudo port selfupdate
sudo port install graphviz qcachegrind

The app should appear in the Macports 1 folder of your Applications

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