[ACCEPTED]-PHP Generate Array() from loop?-while-loop

Accepted answer
Score: 21

Your code has a couple of things which can 11 be improved:

Magic Numbers

It's a bad practice to assign 10 magic numbers like 4 and 1, use constants 9 instead. For this example it's of course 8 overkill but still important to know and 7 use.

Lack of braces

Always use the curly braces, it makes 6 the code more readable.

Wrong use of while loop

This is not a case 5 for a while loop, if you want to loop a 4 certain number of times, always use a for 3 loop!

Unnessesary use of array_push

You don't need array push to add elements 2 to an array, you can and should probably 1 use the shorthand function.


define('START', 1);
define('END', 4);

$myArray = array();

for ($i = START; $i < END; $i++)
    $myArray[] = array('item' => '1 items');
Score: 6

I'd personally do the following looking 2 at your code:

$myarray = array();
  $myarray[] = array('item' => '1 items');

According to this, array_push is 1 a little less efficient than $myarray[]

Score: 3

If you really need to only put a certain 2 value n times into an array starting from 1 a certain index, you could just use array_fill:

$myarray = array_fill($i, $c, array('item' => '1 items'));
Score: 2

Your example looks fine to me, although 5 you would most probably replace your array_push function 4 call with:

$myarray[] = array('item' => '1 items');

Which "is" a shorthand syntax 3 for array_push.

Update: For an associative array 2 you just do:

$myarray["item"] = "1 items";

Although with your example you'll 1 just overwrite the value on each iteration.

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