[ACCEPTED]-Fatal error: Call to undefined function easter_date()-php

Accepted answer
Score: 23

If you use a Dockerfile based on php:7.1, you can install 1 the calendar extension easily:

RUN docker-php-ext-install calendar && docker-php-ext-configure calendar
Score: 20

Seems like your php has been compiled without 1 --enable-calendar support


Score: 2

I simply had to enable the calendar extension 1 in php.ini:

extension = calendar.so
Score: 1

Have you looked here? http://www.php.net/manual/en/calendar.installation.php

To get these functions 1 to work, you have to compile PHP with --enable-calendar .

Score: 0

You may but need not to recompile php with 2 --enable-calendar. You can just install php-calendar package.

For 1 your system (Linux/Ubuntu), you may run:

sudo apt-get install php-calendar

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