[ACCEPTED]-Laravel 4.1 installation with composer in xampp-composer-php

Accepted answer
Score: 64

Four simple steps to install laravel on 1 windows machine:

  1. After installing xampp, just download composer from https://getcomposer.org/download/ and install it.
  2. goto path C:/xampp/htdocs and create a folder as laravel, redirect to laravel using cmd prompt as cd c:\xampp\htdocs\laravel.
  3. then simply type this command to create a first project composer create-project laravel/laravel first-project --prefer-dist Replace first-project with your project name (it takes a few minutes to install)
  4. then redirect to localhost/laravel/first-project/public/ and now you can see the Laravel logo along with a quick message saying “You have arrived.” ( always use a public folder to access project )
Score: 8

Few steps to install for Windows Xampp,

  1. Download Composer here http://getcomposer.org/
  2. Download master copy here https://github.com/laravel/laravel/archive/master.zip
  3. Paste the master in xampp/htdocs/your-project-name/[paste the master copy of laravel here]
  4. Go to Command prompt : Start Menu -> Run -> Type cmd or command or Window Key + R and type cmd or command.
  5. Go the path xampp/htdocs/your-project-name/ in command prompt and type composer install.
  6. It will automatically download the necessary files.

Hope 1 this will help.

Score: 1

Go to: https://github.com/laravel/laravel

Click on download in the right 34 side of the page, unzip the file and move 33 everything to the folder that will run the 32 website. Use the installation notes to be 31 sure to create a public_html directory, this 30 is where you have to publish css and javascript 29 files.

Another method consists into the installation 28 of Composer:


And then run this command from 27 the prompt of commands (cmd.exe):

composer create-project laravel/laravel --prefer-dist .

Where the 26 dot is the path in which you want to install 25 the framework.

or simply follow the below 24 step: Forcing composer to use https connections 23 to Packagist Been having problems with composer 22 from behind a company firewall. The firewall 21 was blocking us from accessing a particular 20 package.json file from the http://packagist.org website

What 19 was strange though was that it was only 18 blocked over http:// connections and perfectly 17 accessible from https:// connections.

However, I 16 have, after much trial and error and research, found 15 a workaround. It's not a particularly graceful 14 workaround but it takes advantage of the 13 fact that composer does not recursively 12 resolve repository locations and only takes 11 commands from the main project's composer.json 10 configuration.

I realised when reading the 9 documentation on the composer github site 8 that you could disable the default packagist 7 configuration. In addition, of course you 6 can add your own repositories to the composer.json 5 in your project.

So, adding the following 4 to the composer.json solves the problem 3 and I'm able to bypass the blocks put in 2 place by the firewall.

"repositories": [
     "type": "composer", 
     "url": "https://packagist.org"
{ "packagist": false }

hopefully this will 1 help.

Score: 0

In my case in installed laravel 5.2 with 10 php 7

Very Simple:

If you have working XAMPP on your machine with latest php version

  1. Download the Composer from official site


install by following simple steps.

  1. To 9 verify the installation Open Command Prompt 8 (Window + R key and type cmd ) then type 7


Note: it is not necessary where you are in directory path of Command Prompt. Composer is globally accessible in Command Prompt.

you will see the details about composer 6 and their respective version.

  1. After successfully 5 installing composer install laravel by just 4 typing the command: Ensure your working Internet

    composer global require 3 "laravel/installer"

it will automatically 2 download from their server and also his 1 Dependencies.

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