[ACCEPTED]-How can I do unit testing in Perl?-testing

Accepted answer
Score: 59

I'd add my vote to picking up Test::More before going 9 any further in Perl testing. The Perl testing community is fairly 8 well united around the Test Anything Protocol, and you'll want 7 to play around with Test::More to understand how it 6 works and how tools like prove and Test::Harness::Archive can help 5 automate and distribute testing.

If you want 4 to just "jump right in", I think 3 Test::Class provides xTest facilities with a TAP backend. I 2 haven't used it at all (I'm a Test::More person myself), but 1 it's very highly rated.

Score: 19

Test::More should offer you more bang for 1 your bucks once you get the hang of Test::Simple.

Score: 12

Judging by your comments on melaos answer, I'd 1 say Test::Class or Test::Unit is what you're looking for.

Score: 11

Simple test example:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use strict;
use warnings 'all';
use Test::More plan => 4;  # or use Test::More 'no_plan';

use_ok('My::Module', 'Loaded My::Module');
ok( my $obj = My::Module->new(), 'Can create instance of My::Module');

ok( $obj->value('hello'), 'Set value to hello' );
is( $obj->value => 'hello', 'value is still hello');


Score: 3

Test::Class usage you can see in this example.


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