[ACCEPTED]-Where to get Oracle SERVICE_NAME?-oracle10g

Accepted answer
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It is normally XE for the free version. ORCL 6 is another typical value.

Once logged in, it 5 can be determined from

select sys_context('USERENV','SERVICE_NAME') from dual

If you need to know 4 it so that you can log in, look for a file 3 called TNSNAMES.ORA in $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/network/admin 2 and the service name will probably be in 1 the connection string.

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Since its windows, you can go to control 5 panel - administrative tools - services 4 : (switch to classic mode in control panel 3 if you do not see admin tools). Once there 2 you will have a service by the name "Oracle 1 service_". The is your service name.

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