[ACCEPTED]-MySQL Import shows successful but no tables generated-mysql-workbench

Accepted answer
Score: 16

Just quoteing Ravinder Reddys:

"Check in 4 the db.sql file, if use db_name is included 3 with a different db_name than what you are 2 expecting. Ravinder Reddy May 26 '14 at 1 16:38

Worked for me.

Score: 1

Im using microsoft SQL. All I had to do 3 is restart the program or just press refresh. It's 2 there you just need to refresh it so it 1 will appear.

Score: 0

If you are using transactions, make sure 3 that at the start of the script there is 2 a START TRANSACTION; command and a COMMIT; command at the end of 1 the script.

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