[ACCEPTED]-CakePHP clarification on using set() and compact() together. Will only work w/ compact()-set

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Score: 45

According to the CakePHP API:


mixed $one required

A 17 string or an array of data.

mixed $two optional NULL

Value 16 in case $one is a string (which then works as 15 the key). Unused if $one is an associative array, otherwise serves 14 as the values to $one's keys.

The compact function returns 13 an associative array, built by taking the 12 names specified in the input array, using 11 them as keys, and taking the values of the 10 variables referenced by those names and 9 making those the values. For example:

$fred = 'Fred Flinstone';
$barney = 'Barney Rubble';
$names = compact('fred', 'barney');

// $names == array('fred' => 'Fred Flinstone', 'barney' => 'Barney Rubble')

So 8 when you use compact in conjunction with set, you're 7 using the single parameter form of the set function, by 6 passing it an associative array of key-value pairs.

If you 5 just have one variable you want to set on 4 the view, and you want to use the single 3 parameter form, you must invoke set in the 2 same way:

$variable_to_pass = 'Fred';

Otherwise, the two parameter form 1 of set can be used:

$variable_to_pass = 'Fred';
$this->set('variable_to_pass', $variable_to_pass);

Both achieve the same thing.

Score: 4

Compact returns an array. So, apparently 4 set is checking it's parameters and if it's 3 an array. It knows that it's from compact. If 2 not it expects another parameter, the value 1 of variable.

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