[ACCEPTED]-symbols in restructuredText-restructuredtext

Accepted answer
Score: 19

You have a large number of defined symbols 6 via the "substitution" operator.

You have 5 to include the definitions via .. include:: <isonum.txt> or something 4 similar.

Most of them have the form |larr| or |rarr|.

They 3 are defined in the docutils.parsers.rst.include installation directory. There 2 are dozens of files which define numerous 1 Unicode characters.

Score: 4

It was my impression that rst supported 2 Unicode; can you just type in the raw character 1 and let docutils handle encoding for HTML?

Score: 4

I think you were looking for this: http://docutils.sourceforge.net/docs/ref/rst/roles.html#raw

You can 2 define the following role:

.. role::  raw-html(raw)
    :format: html

And then you can 1 write:

This way :raw-html:`&rarr;`

Which renders like this:

This way &rarr;

Score: 0

I had a similar problem when making html 5 from .rst files containing the ± character 4 in Windows using Sphinx. Changing the file 3 encoding from windows-1252 to UTF-8 fixed 2 it for me.

Simply open with notepad, Save 1 As..., and change Encoding: to UTF-8

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