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Score: 133

Base is younger than your question, and definitely 12 feels like a 1.0, but the user experience 11 is miles better than the experience of using 10 any of the "cross-platform" apps 9 on a Mac.


I recommend you buy a license before 8 the developer realizes he is charging too 7 little for it.

UPDATE: Since December 2008, Base 6 is now up to version 2.1, it has become 5 an excellent product. I don't remember what 4 it used to cost, but I paid for the 1.x 3 to 2.x upgrade. Still highly recommended.

ANOTHER 2 UPDATE: Base is available on the Mac App Store, you may find it useful to read 1 the reviews there.

Score: 90

I use Liya from the Mac App Store, it's free, does 9 the job, and the project is maintained (a 8 month or so between updates as of Jan 2013).

I 7 also test a lot on the device. You can 6 access the SQLITE database on the device 5 by:

  1. Add Application supports iTunes file sharing to the info.plist and setting it to YES
  2. Running the app on a device
  3. Open iTunes
  4. Select the device
  5. Select the "Apps" tab
  6. Scroll down to the "File Sharing" section and select the app
  7. The .sqlite file should appear in the right hand pane - select it and "Save to..."
  8. Once it's saved open it up in your favourite SQLITE editor

You can also edit it and copy it back.

EDIT: You can also do this through the Organizer in XCode

  1. Open the Organizer in XCode (Window > Organiser)
  2. Select the "Devices" tab
  3. Expand the device on the left that you want to download/upload data to
  4. Select Applications
  5. Select an Application in the main panel
  6. The panel at the bottom (Data files in Sandbox) will update with all the files within that application
  7. Choose Download and save it somewhere
  8. Find the file in Finder
  9. Right click and select "Show Package Contents"

You 4 can now view, edit, and re-upload the package 3 to your debug device. This can be really 2 handy for keeping snapshots of different 1 states to try out on other devices.

Score: 65

You may like SQLPro for SQLite (previously SQLite Professional 4 - App Store).

The app has a few neat features such 3 as:

  • Auto-completion and syntax highlighting.
  • Versions Integration (rollback to previous versions).
  • Inline data filtering.
  • The ability to load sqlite extensions.
  • SQLite 2 Compatibility.
  • Exporting options to CSV, JSON, XML and MySQL.
  • Importing from CSV, JSON or XML.
  • Column reordering.
  • Full screen support.

SQLPro for SQLite overview screenshot

There is a seven day trial available 2 via the website. If you purchase via our website, use the promo 1 code STACK25 to save 25%.

Disclaimer: I'm the developer.

Score: 22

MesaSQLite is the best I've found so far.


Looks 1 very promising indeed.

Score: 18

I am using simple tool for basic sqlite 4 operation called Lita

This tool is based on Adobe 3 Air so that must be installed prior to use 2 of Lita. Adobe air can be downloaded for 1 free from Adobe site.

Score: 14

That FireFox extension looks pretty nice. I've 1 used SQLite Browser in the past and it did the job.

Score: 13

I've published instructions for how to run 4 the Firefox SQLite Manager outside of Firefox, since FF hase become 3 so bloated in the last few releases. It's 2 really easy and I've even compiled a DMG 1 for the sqlite gui if anyone wants it.

Score: 8

Take a look on a free tool - Valentina Studio. Amazing 4 product! IMO this is the best manager for 3 SQLite for all platforms:

Also it works on 2 Mac OS X, you can install Valentina Studio 1 (FREE) directly from Mac App Store:

Score: 5

Sqliteman is my current preference: It uses QT, so 9 it's cross-platform. Since I develop on 8 Windows, Linux and OS X, it helps to have 7 the same tools available on each.

I also 6 tried SQLite Admin (Windows, so irrelevant to the question 5 anyway) for a while, but it seems unmaintained 4 these days, and has the most annoying hotkeys 3 of any application I've ever used - Ctrl-S 2 clears the current query, with no hope of 1 undo.

Score: 5

There is also Induction app (http://inductionapp.com/), which is 3 free & open source (https://github.com/Induction/Induction).

Just drag & drop 2 your .sqlite file on the icon to open the 1 file.

And the other great option is https://github.com/yepher/CoreDataUtility

Score: 4

Try this SQLite Database Browser

See full document here. This is very 1 simple and fast database browser for SQLite.

Score: 3

Try a versiontracker search instead. SqliteManager from SQLabs ($49, Mac & Windows) is 2 the one I prefer, but I haven't really evaluated 1 the other alternatives.

Score: 2

You may try Navicat. It used to have a free "Lite" version 4 whih is unfortunately not available any 3 more. The pro version supports several important 2 DB engines, not only SQLite. I am currently 1 using the 30-day free eval version.

Score: 1

Razorsql can handle many kinds of databases.


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